1. How to get whiter teeth

    Whiter Teeth Are Possible – Here’s How!

      Whether you’ve had stained or yellowing teeth for as long as you can remember or suddenly looked into the mirror and didn’t recognize your smile, there are options for whitening your teeth and getting the bright smile back. At Lake Villa Dental, we are proud to offer the Opalescence whitening…Read More

  2. Dental Implant FAQ

    Dental Implant FAQ

      Here at Lake Villa Dental, we get a lot of questions about dental implants. Almost everyone has heard of them, but a lot of people still have questions. In today’s blog, we want to take a few minutes to answer a few frequently asked questions about dental implants. Keep reading to learn more ab…Read More

  3. 3 Daily Habits For Healthy Teeth

    Here at Lake Villa Dental, we see patients come in all the time wondering how they could have a cavity or why their teeth look a little more yellow than usual. Unfortunately, taking care of your teeth is a daily job, and forgetting to floss or only brushing once a day might seem harmless, but doing …Read More