Having a smile that is beautiful and white is something that we all want to enjoy. Unfortunately, this seems to be so much more difficult than you’d think. Even in times where you brush and floss regularly, maintaining a beautiful white smile can be challenging. That is because there are many items that we consume daily that are capable of staining our teeth. Red wine and coffee are two of the most common items that people know are capable of staining teeth, but there are so many others.

In today’s blog, we are going to touch on a few of the unexpected items many of us consume on a regular basis that are capable of staining teeth. Let’s dive right in.


A beverage that is consumed almost as frequently as coffee, if not more, is tea. Regardless of if you are drinking your tea hot or cold, sweet or unsweetened, it is capable of staining your teeth. The buildup of tannins in tea is what causes it to be an item that stains teeth. To the surprise of many, black teas are actually capable of doing more damage, in regards to staining, than coffee. If tea is one of those beverages that you simply can’t give up, consider drinking white or green tea instead. Or, opt for a straw when drinking your favorite dark tea.

Tomato-Based Sauces

For many of us, the way that we indulge in comfort food is going to come in the form of pasta. Unfortunately for our teeth, a majority of these dishes are going to include a tomato-based sauce. Aside from this sauce being bright in color, it is also extremely acidic. The high acidity level causes the enamel of our teeth to breakdown, making them extremely vulnerable to the sugars and bright colors of this item. The best thing you can do is to be cognizant of how often you’re cooking with and consuming this item.

Soy Sauce

Okay, so this item may not be consumed as often as some of the others that we’ve listed above, but nonetheless, it is one of those unexpected items that stain teeth. It is because of the dark coloring in the soy sauce that this item is so capable of staining teeth. While there aren’t tons of alternatives available for this, you want to make sure that you’re simply aware of how often you’re choosing to cook with it.

Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

While there are alternatives and ways that you can avoid consuming the products capable of staining your teeth, even the best efforts can lead to stains. Rather than giving up all of your favorite items, let the team at Lake Villa Dental help. We offer professional teeth whitening services that give you that gorgeous smile without ever having to give up sweet tea or spaghetti dinners. If you have questions or are ready to schedule your teeth whitening appointment, visit our office in Lake Villa or contact our office and a member of our team will get you taken care of.