Commit To Better Oral Health In 2019

Can you believe another year is behind us already? 2018 flew by and we suspect 2019 will feel the same. Many people are making New Year’s resolutions to better themselves in some way. Whether it is resolving to eat healthier, spend more time with the kids, or pick up a new hobby, the start of a new year is a great time to start fresh.

This year, we encourage you to make oral health a priority in your life. As your dentists in Lake Villa, we understand that life gets busy and oral health can fall by the wayside. However, the sooner you commit to taking proper care of your teeth, the healthier they will be for life. Keep reading to learn some ways Lake Villa Dental can help you keep your New Year’s resolution of having better oral health.

How To Commit To Better Oral Health

First, schedule a dental checkup. Most healthy adults should visit their dentist twice a year, and sometimes more frequently at your dentist’s discretion. After all, you can’t know if you are improving your oral health if you don’t know where it currently stands. Your Lake Villa dentist and hygienist will not only examine your teeth and gums thoroughly, but they can also check for early signs of oral cancer and address any concerns you may have.

Make Time For Oral Hygiene

Taking five minutes out of your day to brush your teeth, floss, and rinse with a good mouthwash is a small price to pay compared to hours in the dental chair fixing preventable problems. Set a timer for yourself to ensure you are brushing for a full two minutes twice a day if you tend to rush through brushings.

Following a good oral hygiene routine can help prevent tooth decay and cavities as well as gum disease. Because gum disease can be so detrimental if left untreated, it is best to take precautions to avoid it in the first place.

Cut Some Habits

Many people make their New Year’s resolution to quit drinking so much soda or quit smoking. Luckily, cutting these habits does double duty by keeping both your teeth and your body healthier!

Not only can smoking cigarettes stain your teeth, but it is also a leading risk factor for gum disease and oral cancer. Drinking acidic beverages like soda and alcohol can soften the enamel on your teeth and make you more susceptible to accelerated wear and tear, cavities, and decay.

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While there are a lot of good New Year’s resolutions to make this year, we hope that you include “better oral health” among yours! We want to help you achieve this by being your dental care provider in Lake Villa. Schedule an appointment with your dentist today!